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N ext year, on May 25, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force. It's a regulation, not a directive, which means it becomes law in European Union member states from that date—less than a year away. It's really important to understand that the legislation—and the penalties for noncompliance!—apply to you even if you have no establishment in the EU (if you have clients or sup- pliers who are EU nationals, for example), and the penalties for noncompliance are eye-watering. So, what should you do? First, don't panic. This article aims to set out some simple steps you can take to protect your company and clients. BACKGROUND: WHAT IS THE GDPR? Back in January 2012, the European Commission proposed a comprehensive reform of data protection rules in the EU, and in May 2016 the GDPR was fi nally published. It comes into eff ect two years and 20 days after publication, i.e., May 25, 2018, at which time it will replace the current Directive 95/46/EC 1 on data protection in the EU and will become law in all EU member states. GLOBAL DATA PENALTIES PROTECTION GLOBAL DATA PENALTIES PROTECTION By Sophy King, with Gordon Kerr and Tommy Angermair H O W S C A R E D S H O U L D Y O U B E ?

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