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P eople are the heart and soul of a com- pany and the single greatest factor in an organization's success or failure. This is especially true for organizations with offices around the globe, where it's often a relatively small group of intrepid, relo- cated employees who have planted the corporate flag and are responsible for their brand's reputa- tion and growth. It's incumbent upon an organiza- tion's leadership and HR managers to ensure those assignees have everything they need to succeed and feel fulfilled at their new destination. Enter the human side of global relocation. While an assignee may look good on paper and fit a com- pany's needs in a certain market, it's the personal elements that are important to consider when relocating people. What gives an assignee peace of mind and happiness? What do they require to have the same quality of life they enjoyed back home? Do members of their family need special medical, housing, or educational accommodations? Allow me to use myself as an example: I'm a passionate skier and am fortunate to live in Colorado near some of the best ski resorts in the world. Having the opportunity to ski in the Rocky Mountains makes me happy and provides a sense of fulfi llment and joy outside of my work, which in turn allows me to be more productive in my professional life. Say, for example, I was transferred to Dubai, where the closest ski resort—at least an outdoor ski resort—is a 10-hour flight away. I would feel unsettled in my personal life, and my relocation might harm my emotional well-being. That would likely negatively impact what I'd be able to achieve while on assignment. Most companies have a well-defi ned process for meeting their assignees' basic, tangible needs— food, clothing, shelter, health care, and wages. But a successful relocation, both for employees and for the company, requires the leadership and human resources managers to fully understand their employ- ees outside of the offi ce, and what they and their families need to live happily in another country. With that in mind, here are three tips to help HR managers ensure employee fulfi llment, satisfaction, and success during their relocation assignment.

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