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Page 30 of 81 | Mobility 27 AROUND THE WORLDWIDE ERC ® Young Professionals In most cases, change does not come easy. My company was recently given the opportunity to modify a service delivery structure that was already working well. We embraced the change, because every service offering should be reviewed and undergo rejuvenation from time to time. Global mobility is a fast-paced and intense industry, and when you're in the thick of things, it can be difficult—and even intimidating—to step back and think about turning everything you do upside down. But when you accept the challenge and are open to new ideas, it can be very exciting. A team that I am fortunate to be a part of was recently challenged to rethink how we manage relocation. Our client asked us and our partners to think about how things have always been done, erase it all from our minds, and then think about how we would want to do things if there were no limitations. Don't think about the cost, don't be afraid to shake things up; think about what would increase effi - ciency and customer service. This is no small task and will be an ongoing project for some time to come, but I love that we were given the opportunity to work completely outside of the box. One example of something that we are doing differently is providing more face-to-face interac - tion with the client and transferees using Google Hangouts and Skype video calls. Rather than using traditional conference calls, most of our calls are video conferences. This strengthens relationships and keeps people more engaged in the conversation. Another example is having a relocation specialist spend time on-site at the client's office once per quar - ter to meet with the mobility team and transferees. This creates a much stronger personal relationship with the transferees and has been very successful. We are also working closely with a partner company to implement changes specific to this client relationship. We are working differently by not taking the road most traveled, not continuing down the same path because "it works," but by trying to find new approaches to everything we do. We are pulling in outside resources, listening to feedback, finding ways to constantly evolve—not only to help our client, but also to improve our company, our employees, and our partners. Lisa Bailey Client Service Manager Aires In what ways are you working differently that would add value to a service that is pretty stressed already?

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