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Since 2005, Worldwide ERC ® 's reporting on transferee volume has shown that 46 to 62 percent of the corpo- rate transferee population has been renters. In today's marketplace, renters compose well over 50 percent. Identifying the best rental-finding partner would be top of mind for any employer who has this volume, or for any relocation management company (RMC) looking for a competitive edge. Here are 13 critical questions and deliverables you will want in your wheelhouse so you can find the best rental-finding partner for your company and offer your transferees a successful rental program. 1. What is your geographic coverage? How much of your business is domestic vs. global (inbound U.S.)? It's important to take into consideration what your needs are. If you offer policies that cover both domestic and inbound U.S. transferees, you'll want to make sure your rental-finding partner is versed in both. Or if you need only domestic coverage now but may have a need for global assistance in the future, you'll want to make sure you settle on a partner that can meet your future needs. 2. Has your company historically provided products and services to relocation management companies and/ or individual companies? If yes, for how many years? Are they capable of working with the range of clients that suits your company best? Are they able to adapt and customize services for various sizes and types of businesses? Some may be qualified to handle individ- ual volume, but can they adapt to your needs if you have larger, group moves to one specific area? 13 QUESTIONS RENTAL-FINDING PARTNER With renters making up about half the transferee population, here are guidelines to help provide effective service for them By Diane Ayres, CRP TO ASK A POTENTIAL

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