February 2017

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T FIRING FIRING CLIENT CLIENT the If you don't give and receive value in a relationship, why are you in it? By Amberley Johnson T here I was, sitting outside looking up at the big Texas sky, thinking how much I hated my job. The larger downside is that I owned the company. I remember thinking, How did I get here? How did I create my own company and now hate my job? After doing the dreaded self-assessment of my life, I walked inside and sat down next to Josh—husband, co-founder, and chief strategic planning officer of the company. "If you had to bet on something," I began, "would you gamble on us or stay safe with our largest client?" He said he would bet on us each and every time. In that moment we knew what we had to do. … We had to fire our second-largest client, who represented a considerable portion of our top line.

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