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2 Mobility | February 2017 FEATURES Contents PG 44 HOW TO KEEP YOUR COMPANY CULTURE ALIVE AND WELL DURING A GROUP MOVE By John Lambo Hint: Apply to the move the same elements that established your positive culture in the first place. PG 50 MOBILITY MATTERS By Jon Ferguson Suppliers and sponsors behind events, athletes, and performers. PG 52 MANAGING HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND CORPORATE HOUSING SUPPLY CHAINS By Brad D. Bianucci, CRP, and Ben Heller A supplier relations manager and a mobility sourcing professional discuss their respective experiences managing suppliers, RFPs, and innovations. PG 58 FIRING THE CLIENT By Amberley Johnson If you don't give and receive value in a business relationship, why are you in it? And when is it time to walk away? PG 64 DESTINATION PROFILE: POLAND By Raluca Pandele and Andrew Scott A soft-spoken people and family- oriented culture in northeastern Europe. PG 40 MORE THAN A VENDOR By Holly Clontz, CRP, GMS-T Suppliers and client companies have to be partners who win or fail together. COVER STORY GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE U.S. PERSPECTIVE

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