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Page 36 of 85 | Mobility 31 MARKET SUMMARY T he Pittsburgh Metro Area is anchored by Allegheny County, with the bordering counties of Beaver, Butler, Washington, and Westmoreland. The city of Pittsburgh is located in Allegheny County and is the largest city in the five-county area, with a population of 305,704. The population of Allegheny County is 1,230,459. The total population of all five counties is 2,152,365. LOOKING BACK Pittsburgh has a rich history as an industrial pow- erhouse. The steel that in large measure helped to build America for 100 years was forged in the valleys of Pittsburgh and surrounding counties. Following the collapse of the U.S. steel industry, there was a major exodus of blue-collar workers from the region. After 40 years of a declining population, the greater Pittsburgh area has stabilized and seen modest growth, especially in the younger demographic of recent college graduates opting to settle and purchase or rent properties, primarily in the city. The past industrial image has shifted to the fields of technol - ogy, education, energy extraction and exploration, health care, and financial services. With the thriving technology sector and a broad new energy sector, including the planned construction of a $6 billion cracker plant for extraction of chemicals from natural gas, the region has reason for economic optimism. Many nationally prominent firms have located in Pittsburgh, including Google and Ariba. The Carnegie Mellon University is nationally renowned in the fields of computer and robotics research, and the University of Pittsburgh has extensive research programs in health and related fields. Uber has utilized this local talent to test the first driverless automobiles in commercial use. The Greater Pittsburgh Area has captured worldwide attention by transitioning from what a writer once referred to as "hell with the lid off" to a white-collar, progressive city, with cleaner air and rivers, environmentally friendly initiatives, and var - ied employment options. It is once again a thriving Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area R. Robert Barone, SRA, and Teresa Love, SRA MARKET SUMMARY

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