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8 Mobility | February 2017 PERCEPTIONS PEGGY SMITH, SCRP, SGMS-T President and Chief Executive Officer Worldwide ERC ® Cheers, I have never had anyone tell me our business is so boring, they wished for more excitement. Indeed, leading in our global business environment is so rich in trends and transitions, it might be nice for us all to have a few weeks without surprises now and then. Our industry is change-rich on its own. Now, last year's significant domestic political and geopolitical shifts from highly influential countries have been placed on top of it. These are shifts that promise to bring considerable change to the world in the short and long term; and such change can be intimidating, auspicious, frightening, ambiguous, or exhilarat - ing. It often is several of these things at once. Japanese scholar Okakura Kakuzō said, "The art of life is a constant readjust- ment to our surroundings." In these moments in our lives as leaders, we have more layers to adjust to—to communicate with and around. We might even find that some of our traditional roles—confidante, sage, futurist, diplomat— are needed to a greater degree. The best leaders-in-change I've seen are adept at many parallel actions. First, they seek to understand the change, and they work with other leaders in their communities to research, analyze, communicate, and update their constituencies as well and as often as needed. They consider possi - ble scenarios and develop readiness plans for more than one landscape. They share the possible and the positives. They also help unite a community with varied reactions and perspectives; and if the environment is fractured, they keep the dialogue at a high level and look for ways to demonstrate unity and inclusiveness in the community. I'm proud of the way our industry handles change—it's one of the things we do best; fine-tuning our responses and our strategies in a fluid setting. When it comes to the challenges before us, we've got this—because we've readjusted to our surroundings a time or two before. The Art of Leading Through Change

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