January 2017

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W e're about to experience a transformation together. Though many notable events begin with a series of small movements—for example, slight, incremental changes in the earth's structure that lead to massive tectonic activity—this year, Worldwide ERC ® is driving a seismic shift. I'm fortunate to be chairman of the Worldwide ERC ® Board of Directors at the start of a new three-year strategic plan, one in which our board has identified three ambitious initiatives: to engage, to inspire, and to educate our mobility community more exuberantly than ever before. Details about each of these critical initiatives are as follows. 17 AND BEYOND 20 By Worldwide ERC ® Chairman Robert J. Horsley IT'S TIME FOR A SEISMIC SHIFT 17 17 17 17 20 20 20 20 AND AND AND AND BEYOND BEYOND BEYOND BEYOND

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