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28 Mobility | January 2017 MEMBER PICKS: BOOKS THAT MAKE US BETTER About our reviewer: Faye Hoxworth is team manager for Stewart Title Relocation Services at Stewart Title Guaranty Company. Her primary responsibilities are to manage multiple full-service relocation accounts out of the company's home office in Houston while also managing the Stewart Title Relocation Services Minnesota branch. She has 13 years of experience in the title and real estate/relocation industry and has previously managed a full-service lender-based account, handling everything from refinance to buyer-side purchase transactions. Recently Hoxworth was named a member of Stewart Title's Millennial Think Tank, which will explore avenues for reaching this demographic. She received the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) ® designation in 2005. So who is Fred in the title of The Fred Factor, and what's so special about him? Fred is a local postman who delivers mail to the author, Mark Sanborn. Sanborn soon realizes that Fred is no normal mail carrier, but rather an archetype of customer service who demonstrates the impact of going that extra mile. The Fred Factor shows us that everyone is capable of providing amazing customer service and that we can turn a bad day into a good day for anyone, no matter what their role or job is. How does the author get this point across? Sanborn takes you through the choices you have to make on a daily basis to become a "Fred," while providing numerous examples from his own life trav - els. He describes all of the individuals whom he has encountered on a daily basis who make extra effort to go above and beyond in the services that they provide. Sanborn also shows us what traits and characteristics we must possess, while turning ourselves into a Fred, in order to convert our entire organization. Postal Service Book by Mark Sanborn Reviewed by Faye Hoxworth, CRP

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