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Young Professionals What has been your best team- building experience to date, and why? Shh! Don't tell anyone, but it is not the pay that keeps me at my job. It's the team! Team building is collabora - tive time focused on strength- ening interpersonal relations. Successful team building fosters this collaboration in a sincere and dynamic way. But it only works if you are encouraged to be honest and even vulnerable. You get what you give! My best team-building experiences were not contrived in organized activities or at expensive facilities. Those can be terrific, too, but they are not always necessary. Interestingly enough, my most impactful experi- ences have occurred in the simplest of spaces through our annual team summits. We spend a jam-packed three days together brainstorming, planning, better- ing ourselves, and most importantly, enjoying one another. Yes, we do accomplish some work and enjoy a few tasty meals along the way, but the real purpose of our time together is the collective and genuine joy, sharing, and bantering that makes the summit vibrant, meaningful, and memorable. As is true for many companies, our team is composed of employees all over the map. We know that time spent traveling is a sacrifice by each team member. It is also an investment. The moments of bonding and socializing refuel and reignite us all. Our service delivery and client development are all the better for it. Angela Tan, CRP, GMS-T Director, Client Development CapRelo For me, the most enjoyable and worthwhile experience was our annual senior management team training day. This year, we decided to conduct the training over a weekend as well as hold it at an external location—the rea - son being that it would allow the team to completely switch off from their phones and emails, thereby allowing us to fully focus on the training away from the interrup- tions and distractions of the office. The trainer was excellent and has worked with some of the top industry and government leaders in the country. He created an environment which meant that everyone could pitch in, and he managed to avoid the awkward and forced scenarios where people feel uncomfortable. As a result, the team could really open up. He had a number of games for us to play, which highlighted the different strengths and talents of our colleagues that we did not fully realize and which really helped to bring the group together. 20 Mobility | January 2017 AROUND THE WORLDWIDE ERC ®

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