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18 Mobility | January 2017 AROUND THE WORLDWIDE ERC ® Collective Wisdom Read the answers to these questions and add your comments today on our Peer2Peer Forums! There, corporate and government Worldwide ERC ® members can pose questions and draw on the expertise of colleagues around the world. Visit Pages/eDiscussions.aspx to start gaining wisdom today! MILEAGE FOR U.S.-CANADA CROSS-BORDER MOVES Occasionally an employee will drive—rather than fly—for their final move either U.S. to Canada or Canada to U.S. Currently, we are reimbursing employees the U.S. IRS rate for miles driven in the U.S. and then reimbursing the CRA rate for kilometers driven in Canada. For example, an employee moving from Chicago to Toronto would be reimbursed at the U.S. IRS rate for 217 miles driven in the U.S., and at the CRA rate for the remaining 308 miles/496 km driven in Canada. We are following the proper taxability rules in each respective country. Is this typical of what most companies are doing? Is there a better way to do this? Thank you! CORE-FLEX PROGRAMS I'm researching and trying to gather benchmarking on core-flex policies and/or lump-sum policies. I'm trying to gather info on: How many companies are currently using or changing to a core- flex-type policy? If you are, do you still have a full-service policy in addition to core-flex? How did you determine the core vs. flex benefit? Are you using an online tool or RMC service? Thank you. LUMP-SUM RELOCATION FOR ALL LEVELS? I'm interested in hearing from organizations that have a tiered lump-sum relocation payment, particularly for executives at the VP and above management levels (not entry level). Is it as an option to a full, itemized policy or as the sole policy? What is or is not included? What is the satisfaction level? What would you change? Thanks so much! TEMPORARY HOUSING TIME ALLOCATION I'm interested in hearing what others have designated in their policies for temporary housing time frames. Our tier policies range from up to 30–90 days depending on renter vs. homeowner status and management level. Thanks for sharing! CHINA HARDSHIP ALLOWANCE? For those of you who send associates on short-term and long-term assignments from the U.S. to China, do you provide a hardship allowance? If so, is it for all locations in China? Thank you.

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