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January 2017 2016 ARTICLE INDEX / BOOK: THE FRED FACTOR / MARKET SUMMARY: SCOTTSDALE / DESTINATION PROFILE: THAILAND A CLEARER PICTURE OF COMPLIANCE RELOCATION POLICIES AND LGBT EXPATS LEADERSHIP AWARD FOUNDATION HONORS O'CONNOR Magazine of Worldwide ERC ® TIME FOR A SEISMIC SHIFT Barrier Decentralized management of payroll processes and procedures Situation During a new client implementation, our compensation services team was tasked with getting the data needed to meet payroll deadlines and year-end requirements. As they began working with the client, it became clear that our team could also VLJQLĆFDQWO\UHGXFHPRELOLW\èVZRUNORDGE\PDQDJLQJ all payroll-related relationships. What MSI did We recommended that our compensation team do the following for this client: • Work directly with payroll to instruct payroll changes and gather all payroll data processed, then audit data and address any inconsistencies and/or missing information • Work directly with the stock options team to gather reporting when stocks were paid out • :RUNGLUHFWO\ZLWKWKHFOLHQWèVWD[SURYLGHUZKHQ earnings adjustments were needed to obtain information, calculate the adjustments, and provide to payroll Result The above recommendations were implemented DQGWKHWHDPLVQRZHIĆFLHQWO\KDQGOLQJHDFKRI these delegated processes. This has saved the client mobility team at least 15-20 hours per month. For more details visit us at Goal: Unify processes and procedures for payroll administration

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