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September 2016 LESSONS: FULL DISCLOSURE / GOVERNMENT: BREXIT / BOOK: HEART-LED LEADER / MARKET: INDIANAPOLIS / DESTINATION: PERU PRESCHOOL TO PAY OR NOT TO PAY MOBILITY ANALYTICS A CALL TO ACTION IMMIGRATION SPONSORSHIP SHARING THE COST Magazine of Worldwide ERC ® CORE- WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW FLEX: Your partner in acquiring, developing and mobilizing talent worldwide Maximizing the value and expertise we offer our clients – from talent acquisition to talent management, through global talent mobilization and global expansion into new markets – MSI provides a full suite of solutions to address your global talent needs. Avoiding start-up costs with MSI's GEO solution Challenge A U.S. company working with a banking client in Shanghai found that it needed to employ local staff onsite. This would only be needed on an interim basis, however, to support their installations and consulting projects. Their challenge was that the company had no established entity in China. Without one, it was believed, they couldn't legally employ and payroll Chinese citizens. However, establishing an entity in China to employ staff didn't justify itself, given the sporadic nature of the assignments. Not only would it have taken too long to establish (8-10 months) it would have also cost between USD $16,000 to $140,000. Solution/Result By utilizing our GEO services, the company was able to avoid all potential startup costs, to legally employ and payroll local staff in Shanghai within weeks, and fully support a key client in a timely manner. Your partner in acquiring, developing and mobilizing talent worldwide TALENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS GLOBAL MOBILITY SOLUTIONS GLOBAL COMPENSATION SOLUTIONS GLOBAL IMMIGRATION SOLUTIONS GLOBAL EXPANSION SOLUTIONS

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