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Page 30 of 97 | Mobility 27 AROUND THE WORLDWIDE ERC ® Young Professionals A Continuous Path What does success look like to you? "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." This statement by Winston Churchill expresses how I see success, from both a personal and professional perspective. It is a continuous path, a constant development. It is not finding the right person for life, but it's nourishing the relationship; it's not just about a baby's arrival, but it's bringing that child up and giving him love every day; it's not winning the biggest market share, but it's keeping the distance from the competition. When I decided to establish my own destination service provider (DSP) company serving expa - triates moving to Frankfurt, Germany, it took me nearly half a year to prepare and organize before I even officially registered the business. It was my first success … or little win. It brought me a lot of pride and satisfaction throughout the process. But was that the success? It was just the beginning. As a next step, I had to find customers. When that happened and the business started going, I felt for a second time I was successful; but again, success is not final. After running the business for a few years, expand - ing the geographical reach to serve nearly all of the western part of Germany and growing our service portfolio to offer not only the typical destination and settling-in services, but also newcomers' trainings, pre-assignment preparation, and relocation program management, have I reached the final success? Success is often associated with financial profits, measured by numbers as an ROI for investors. In fact, I see my customers as my investors. Not only do they put their money in my company, but also their trust. The trust that I will be able to support them to and beyond their expectations, and enable them to have the smoothest relocation experience possible. To my mind, success is enjoying what you're doing every day, the little wins you achieve, and the ability to develop yourself and your employees with all the actions you take at your job. Success is getting excel - lent customer feedback after doing an amazing job or simply hearing "I love you, Mom" after playing a round of soccer with my son. It is not the harbor you arrive to at some point, but it is the way there. Ilona A. Keilich, MBA Managing Director ExpatsGuide Relocation Services, Germany Success is harder to measure than you think. In fact, I would use the word "mea- sure" loosely when evaluat- ing success. Sure, we can measure success by some- thing tangible like property, but to me, success is so much more than who you are—it's

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