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24 Mobility | June 2016 AROUND THE WORLDWIDE ERC ® Collective Wisdom Read the answers to these questions and add your comments today on our Peer2Peer Forums! There, corporate and government Worldwide ERC ® members can pose questions and draw on the expertise of colleagues around the world. Visit Pages/eDiscussions.aspx to start gaining wisdom today! RFP TO HOLD VAN LINE CONTRACT DIRECT We are initiating an RFP to hold contracts direct with our preferred carriers. Can anyone who currently holds contract direct share their experience and advise what method they use for the move management piece? Does RMC do your move management? Another supplier? In-house? Any lessons learned will be greatly appreciated! GLOBAL METRICS We are in the process of establishing metrics for our international mobility program. I am looking for any templates or helpful pointers on what they report on and why. I am happy to share a compilation of the information I receive with anyone interested. Thanks! FREQUENT BUSINESS TRAVELERS We categorize these as someone who is crossing borders—typically between Canada and the U.S. for our organization—on business trips. They are not relocating, just going back and forth periodically. They may or may not have a need for a work visa/ permit and may or may not have tax filing obligations. This group needs to be assessed for immigration/ tax compliance and tracked for year-end reconciliation. Who in your organization is responsible for this group of employees? Is it your global mobility/relocation team, corporate tax, or other? ADDITIONAL SUPPORT Does anyone provide additional support for U.S. locations where public schools are not deemed acceptable? This support could expand beyond education and include any nuances to the location that may incur additional cost that is not included in a two- location calculation.

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