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10 Mobility | June 2016 COORDINATES Unconventional Best Practices for Relocation Team Leaders I n my tenure as a relocation director, here are some of the unconventional best practices that have helped me to provide top service to transferees and develop a successful team: • Is This a Good Time? When speaking to a transferee, always make sure to ask upfront whether it's a good time to talk. Be available to speak with your transferees nights and weekends, as those are typically ideal times for them, given work schedules. • Add a Personal Touch. Take the time to listen to the transferee's needs. Ask ques- tions about what is important to them. In my welcome emails, I try to incorporate a nonrelocation element that was brought up in our initial call—such as local groups they may want to join, a website they might fi nd helpful, etc. I receive a lot of positive feedback from transferees for the personalized element of service. • Be Google. When speaking with your homefi nding transferee, fi nd out when they plan on coming to your area, and provide some suggestions in your welcome email. If I know a date when the transferee is coming in, and there's an event going on at the same time that might be of interest to them—such as our local rocket launches, special festivals, etc.—I include those items in my welcome email. Transferees have really appreciated the "inside scoop" I've provided for their trips. • Be Thankful. Sometimes we can get caught up in measurement matrixes and forget the human element of relocation. I try to make it a point to randomly reach out to my relocation team members and thank them for all their hard work. They play such an important role in helping our transferees. Recognition and appreciation are important. Send your article ideas, letters, and feedback to CAPRICE ATWELL, CRP, GMS DIRECTOR OF RELOCATION/ REFERRAL SERVICES PRUDENTIAL STERLING PROPERTIES Door-to-door pet transport trusted by families & Fortune 500 companies Door-to-door pet transport 203.662.0672 " . . . I mean how hard can it be, right? Whew, best decision of the whole move! The US and Singapore government have LOTS of regulations that must be followed EXACTLY! Plus, we had a family emergency and couldn't collect him on schedule . . . Then they delivered him to us looking BETTER then he did when he left the US. BRAVO to WCPT and (our Pet Relocation Counselor). " V.S. U.S.A. to Singapore What our customers say

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