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8 Mobility | June 2016 PERCEPTIONS PEGGY SMITH, SCRP, SGMS-T President and Chief Executive Offi cer Worldwide ERC ® Cheers, "W hat do they want? What will make them interested in working for us, and help them decide to take our off er and plan to stay with us?" In a storm of skills gaps and talent shortages, these are the questions that employers keep examining from every angle, to entice good candidates and hold onto them once they're hired. One of the surprising things they're learning is that more and more often, benefi ts are outpacing pay in the attempt to recruit, hire, and retain young professionals. says that 4 out of 5 workers today prefer better benefi ts to a raise, and perks are a top consideration for almost 60 percent of job seekers. That's a message our industry can use as we help our companies and clients build programs that support mobility strategy. The basics are still the most popular benefits: things like health insurance, vacation, bonuses, sick leave, and retirement plans. But diversified benefits and unique pluses are cropping up, too. What's on the list? Student loan repayment; life coaching; three catered meals a day; on-site yoga, acupunc- ture, and improv; seasonal breaks, travel stipends, ski passes, and snow days; and paid volunteer time off are in the lineup in a range of companies. For those starting families, there might be extended paid parental leave and "baby cash" bonuses. The benefit solutions are many, and as varied as the audience they are intended to reach. "What do they want?" It's a familiar question, and in this environment, creativity in shaping the employee's experience is an interesting parallel to the work that all of us are doing to understand, appeal to, serve, and retain our customers. If You Build It, They Will Come

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