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June 2016 Magazine of Worldwide ERC ® INTERNATIONAL DRIVING REDUCE COSTS, ACCIDENTS, STRESS COST PROJECTIONS AND MOBILITY SUCCESS MOVING EXPENSE TAXATION / MILLENNIALS & BENEFITS / MARKET: CHICAGO / BOOK: ZERO TO ONE / DESTINATION: SEATTLE FOREIGN PAYMENTS PRACTICE AUDIT REDUCING YOUR RISK IMMIGRATION TIPS TO MAKE THE PROCESS WORK 5 NELLIE BLOOM – VICE PRESIDENT COMPENSATION SERVICES PROVIDING VALUE BY FOCUSING ON OUTCOMES POWERED BY MSI MOBILITY SERVICES TALENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES COMPENSATION SERVICES IMMIGRATION SERVICES EXPANSION SERVICES Goal: Reduce time spent by mobility teams for payroll administration Barrier: Time spent on managing payroll relationships left less time for other responsibilities Reducing the time spent by the mobility team for payroll administration is often difficult due to the time that needs to be invested in managing payroll relationships such as tax providers Story During a new client implementation, our compensation services team was tasked with getting the data needed to meet payroll deadlines and year-end requirements. As they began working with the client, it became clear that our team could also significantly reduce mobility's workload by managing all payroll-related relationships. The compensation team is now doing the following for this client: • Working directly with payroll to instruct payroll changes and gather all payroll data processed, then auditing data and addressing any inconsistencies and/or missing information • Working directly with the stock options team to gather reporting when stocks are paid out • Working directly with the client's tax provider when earnings adjustments are needed to obtain information, calculating the adjustments, and providing to payroll Result The team is efficiently handling each of these delegated processes, which has saved the client mobility team at least 15-20 hours per month.

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